There are many reasons in favour of a membership at the DVS

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Competence and long-standing experience

  • For over 120 years, DVS has been a competent main contact for all issues surrounding the topics of joining, cutting and coating. With this experience we help make the industry ready for the future - for, together with the nationwide research institutes, we are working torwards making joining technology cleaner, safer and more user-friendly.

Bringing together what belongs together

  • At DVS everybody with an interest in joining technology is welcome. Our network comprises about 19.000 individuals, enterprises and organisations. Their specialist knowledge is a driving mechanism for new technological developments and, in addition, also provides the answer to your specialist questions.

Short distances, big impact

  • We have contacts in the industry and politics, to partner organisations at home and abroad and are committed worldwide to advancing the field of joining technology.

Good contacts faciliate the career path

  • At DVS, you get in touch with professionals quickly - something that is advantageous for the career as knowledge exchange and exchange of experience itself: Whether in the district association, at seminars and conferences or at the specialist trade fairs of the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN family - here, you can make contacts and build your own personal network.

The fast road to knowledge

  • Whether it is through the trade journals of DVS Media, association information, the DVS magazine, newsletter, live new topics and industry trends, video clips, lectures or news that are available at www.dvstv.de: the DVS devides comprehensive information about the developments in the industry. This forsters the career opportunities of each individual member and guarantees our member companies a direct competitive edge.

New ideas are welcome

  • Members of DVS can actively get involved in the association work and contribute through the different working committees to the field of technology and research. Thus, every individual has the chance to help shape joining technology development. Work with us to solve specialist questions that you have always been pondering about!

Promotion of young talent is not just an empty phrase

  • Even in the field of joining technology, the search is on for skilled workers. We particulary do our utmost for young people, therefor: Starting with an event named "Tag der Technik" for high school students, on the DVS competition "Jugend schweißt" practitioners, up to the student congress, interest-free loans and corporate excursions for students.

A membership also pays off financially

  • The DVS grants its members preferential conditions for events, magazines subscriptions and other publishing company products. DVS members also have benefits at partner organisations. DVS even offers a free basic membership option for apprentices and students. Moreover, all DVS members have free access to the technical regulatory framework of DVS under www.dvs-regelwerk.de

Your professional competence is our goal

  • The certification of specialist staff and enterprises belongs to the core competencies of DVS. There is the trainig and advanced training and continuing education according to DVS standards, which is available all over the country in 350 DVS-certified educational institutions. Through their certifications, these benefit from the fact that they are part of the network whose training content and quality management are globally recognized.

Best asset for enterprises

  • Companies, institutions and organisations have access to an extensive range of specialist knowledge and the chance of cooperation in joining technology research projects and regulatory frameworks. In addition, the DVS provides them with teaching media and guidelines for in-house training courses as well as a chance of a professional presence in relevant professional media, at joining technology traide fairs and at conferences both at home and abroad. Besides, for DVS member firms from industry, trade and commerce, there are special conditions for a trade fair presence at the international traide fair SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN in Essen, provided that they have been members already for at least one year.

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