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… without welding, there's no adventure

Dreams of freedom and adventure are as varied as the chances of realising them: driving a pick-up across the desert, gliding over broad plains in a hot-air balloon, riding down steep mountain paths on a mountain bike and letting yourself be exhilarated by wildwater river rafting.

We owe the fact that such adventure tours are connected with significantly fewer troubles and dangers to innovative materials and improved technologies.

Balloons as well as sails for surfing and for paragliding are lighter and more tear-resistant while canoes and kayaks are more rakish but nevertheless more stable. Safety is just the order of the day.

For a constantly high quality of the diverse plastic products, the manufacturers of the articles for the leisure industry make use of the experience and findings available in the working groups and educational facilities of DVS.

With regard to quality assurance: DVS offers numerous certification programmes, e.g. through DVS ZERT. This benefits the assured quality of the products which would not be conceivable without joining technology.

Because we know: Nothing's possible without welding.


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