Education Committee (AfB)

The Education Committee (AfB) of DVS - Deutscher Verband für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren e. V. promotes the educational work of DVS in the fields of joining, cutting and coating at the national and international levels. It follows general tendencies and trends as well as specific developments in the educational sector and evaluates them with regard to their possible effects on society in general and on the fields of joining, cutting and coating in particular. As far as its work is concerned, AfB is oriented to the state of the art and to the needs of the German economy. The collaboration in the committee takes place on an honorary basis.

  • Updating and developing educational concepts while paying attention not only to the latest technical development trends but also to national and international harmonisation endeavours.

  • Maintaining contacts to other bodies at home and abroad in the sector relating to occupational training, ongoing training and further education.

  • Advising and supporting companies as well as other organisations and institutions in questions of occupational educational measures.

  • Assessing new educational possibilities and paths with regard to their applicability.

  • Estimating technological consequences in view of education-specific concerns.

In addition to its task as a strategic committee for the education sector, AfB simultaneously performs the task as the governing board of the DVS personnel certification agency (DVS-PersZert). In this capacity, it stipulates the business policy of DVS-PersZert and monitors its proper activities.


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