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DVS brings together experts from industry, trade, commerce, research, science, teaching and the service provider sector to work together for the same cause: a future oriented Joining Technology.


Setting standards

At the DVS, the close alliance of research, technology and education is what counts. Whatever is being developed in one of these three fields in terms of results is automatically integrated into the other two fields as well. DVS is activeley involved whenever new procedures are being investigated and, by its own research activities, sets a clear impetus. It is the point of contact person when it comes to improve existing joining processes.

DVS compiles directives and fact sheets that formulate technological standards as well as setting comparable quality characteristics for the training of skilled personnel. At approx. 350 educational institutions throughout the Federal Republic of Germany, teaching and learning takes place according the DVS standards and thus it is also part of the tasks of DVS to verify the compliance with these standards regulary.


A network full of possibilities

Scientists and researchers, manufactures and users, trainees and students, as well as tradesmen, business representatives, partner associations and organisations contribute their interest in joining technology at DVS. "DVS" therefore also stands for THE JOINING SPECIALISTS. 




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